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A La Carte Menu

The dishes we offer are all freshly cooked on the premises using local ingredients whenever possible. If you would like any dish to be varied to suit your individual tastes then please ask our staff.

Dinner Special - (DS) marked dishes will be charged at:

Two courses £15.00 Three courses £18.50

Kids Menu

We encourage children to try our food and we are able to provide most of the dishes in small portions.

One course £7.50 Two courses £10.00 Three courses £12.50


Soup of the day

homemade focaccia bread and butter (V) (GF) (DS);

£ 5.50

Warm goat’s cheese

Roast beetroot, cherry tomatoes, mixed leaf salad, honey and apple vinaigrette (V) (GF) (DS);

£ 5.95


Home cured salmon, slightly smoked, potato pancakes, vodka and chive crème fraiche, mixed herb leaf salad; (GF)

£ 6.50

Homemade Frickadellen

Delicious large meatballs of minced pork and beef, garlic and parsley, Danube pickled salad, Hungarian bread; (DS)

£ 6.50

Duck and port reduction pate

Mixed leaf salad, toasted brioche and butter, fig and red onion chutney;

£ 6.50

Prawn cocktail

Atlantic prawns in a classic Marie Rose sauce with segmented orange, spring onion and shredded Cos lettuce. Homemade basil crostini;

£ 6.50

Creamy garlic and herb mushrooms

Served on toasted muffin (V) (DS);

£ 5.95

Casa Danube special board

Casa Danube special board

A generous board for two including two Frickadellen, duck and port reduction pate, warm goat cheese, Danube pickle salad with warm focaccia bread and butter (could be varied to suit individual taste)

£ 15.00


Pan griddled fillet of sea-bass

With capers, butter, white wine and garlic sauce. Au gratin potatoes and sautéed green beans (GF);

£ 14.50

Chicken Paprikash

Tthe famous Hungarian stew cooked with chicken breast, peppers, sour cream and paprika. Vegetable pilau rice (GF) (DS);

£ 12.50

Slow roasted pork

Baked sauerkraut, white wine and whole grain mustard jus. Rosemary and garlic potato confit (GF) (DS);

£ 12.50

Danube’s 24 hour slow roasted ox cheek

Caramelised red cabbage, rich red wine and rosemary jus. Carrot and potato mash. Sautéed vegetables (GF);

£ 13.50

Chickpeas & butternut squash

With red onion and cranberry tagine. Serbian pilau rice (V)(GF) (DS);

£ 11.50


A hearty stew cooked with succulent pieces of beef, onions, paprika, caraway seeds and peppers. Potato and truffle oil dumplings (GF without the dumplings);

£ 12.50

Vegetarian moussaka

Layers of potatoes, aubergines, tomatoes and courgettes, topped with bechamel sauce. Served with sweet potato fries and salad. Perfect for sharing! For two £22.00. (V)

£ 11.50


All schnitzels are served with chips and either vegetables or salad

Wiener schnitzel with Jaeger sauce

Tenderised veal cutlet dipped in flour, egg and herb breadcrumbs, then fried to a golden brown. Creamy shallot, mushroom, paprika and white wine sauce;

£ 13.00

Chicken/ Pork schnitzel

Tenderised chicken breast or pork cutlet dipped in flour, egg and herb breadcrumbs, then fried to a golden brown (DS);

£ 11.50

Chicken Kalbschnitzel

Breaded tenderised chicken breast filled with Ham and Bavarian Cheese

£ 12.50

Chicken Schnitzel Tyrol

Panko breaded tenderised chicken breast, filled with mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and herbs;

£ 12.50

Transylvanian pork schnitzel

pork schnitzel topped with a creamy, tomato, pepper, mushroom, paprika and garlic sauce.

£ 12.75

Side Dishes

(£2.50 for one, £4.50 for two. Additional dishes £2.00 each)

Sweet potato fries

Baked Sauerkraut

Au gratin potatoes

Vegetable Pilau Rice

Rosemary and garlic confit potatoes


Carrot and potato mash

Caramelised red cabbage

Vegetables of the day

Sautéed Green beans

From the Grill

All served with a sauce of your choice: Red wine and rosemary sauce; Creamy white wine, paprika and mushroom sauce; White wine and whole grain mustard sauce;

10oz sirloin steak

Chips, salad or vegetables;

£ 14.95

Chicken breast

Marinated in white wine, herbs mustard and honey, au gratin potatoes, vegetables of the day;

£ 12.00

Casa Danube Mixed Meat Board

A generous board including slow roasted pork, marinated grilled chicken breast, a mini sirloin steak cooked to your liking, Frickadellen, roast potatoes, salad, wholegrain mustard and white wine sauce (for two £35.00) (GF);

£ 18.75

Pork shoulder steak

Marinated in apple cider and herbs, chips and sala

£ 12.50


Apple strudel

Vanilla infused crème Anglaise (DS);

£ 4.95

Rum and dark chocolate pot

Cantuccini biscuit (DS);

£ 4.95

Lemon meringue cheese pie;

Orange confit (DS);

£ 4.95

Crème Brulée (GF)

Tuile biscuits

£ 4.95

Four Local Cheese Platter

Crackers, red grapes and fig chutney;

£ 7.00

Pecan tart

(GF)(dairy free without the icecream)
Toffee fudge icecream

£ 5.25